Precision Hydration

Brand Positioning / Design / Packaging / Marketing strategy

Precision Hydration

Juicy worked with local sports hydration company Precision Hydration to develop their brand positioning as well as assist them in how to improve their marketing and packaging as the products have developed.

We undertook a series of workshops exploring:

  • $Positioning & values
  • $Core statements
  • $How to initiate product trial
  • $Ongoing personalised and automated behavioural email marketing
  • $Social marketing strategy
  • $Industry / content strategy
  • $Strapline development
  • $Packaging redesign & brand visual development

The outcome was a phased plan for a 12 month roll out of ideas and strategy taking the brand forward.

“Juicy has been an excellent resource for us over the years. They have a phenomenal creative ability to generate design concepts that fit with our brand and never fail to deliver. You won’t find more genuine people to work with than Pete and Ryan”.

Jonny Tye – Precision Hydration

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Precision Hydration