Highbury College

Digital strategy workshops / Website design and build

Highbury had chosen the Sitecore CMS platform as part of a major digital refresh project. They weren’t happy with the design work done so far so they engaged us initially for some UX concepting work.

As part of the stakeholder / workshop stage of the design process we raised some questions about the content structure and approach to the digital strategy that struck a chord and opened the project up into a much wider remit.

We developed key user role profiles, understood why these audiences are different, what their individual needs were, and linked this to core business objectives and KPI’s.

The outcome and solution involved a restructuring of the entire course hierarchy, navigation and architecture of the site. This involved full wireframing and customer process flows.

The next step was to make it look good. We got under the skin of the brand and what they stood for, challenged the visual aspects, colour palette, consistency and imagery.

Outputs were a new corporate brand guidelines pack and full website page designs built as finished accessible, mobile responsive HTML/CSS code for the Sitecore developers to implement

I have found Juicy to be excellent designers, as well as consultants: they were able to help guide the thought process when in brainstorming meetings, as well as suggest ideas nobody had thought of when ‘stuck’, which I found invaluable. Another aspect which I found crucially important was their innate ability to relate to all stakeholders and build an understanding of what mattered. They keep cool in all situations – especially at those crucial moments when projects seem to get the better of all – and make thoughtful and friendly suggestions.

 Florence Gellien, Head of Marketing and Communication – Highbury College