Price comparison tool engine / Workshops

The overall aim for the project was to put in place a scalable enterprise level system to handle ‘where to’ information for all parts of the Canon business.

Having already run a trial, Canon wanted to improve on the test functionality to track performance (actual conversion percentage & £ value) of online sales referred to retail partners from the Canon environment. This vital insight helped provide useful data for understanding sales/distribution channel performance.

The longer term goals of the ‘Where to’ engine were to provide information to other aspects of the Canon business such as Where to Hire, Where to find Pro Dealers, Where to Try etc.

Working with Canon’s digital transformation team we ran a series of stakeholder workshops to provide a full picture of the business across all relevant teams and departments. We undertook in-depth technical research into data sources, integrations and systems in order to produce data flows demonstrating and solving the challenges of centralising information within the proposed ‘engine’ as well as ensuring the right level of management reporting could be produced.

Working with the Canon digital design team we designed a proof of concept model and interface for the new tool.

The resulting system was structured and built to allow scalability into other propositions, as well as multilingual and multi territory support within EMEA.

“The Juicy team are a pleasure to work with. They are highly creative, generate high value ideas and execute them with no fuss or drama. Pete and his team are the kind of guys you can throw a problem at and they will pick it up and run with – their ideas stand up and deliver!”

Brian Townsend – Canon EMEA