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Native iPhone app

As part of a wider marketing campaign to help customers determine their risk profile for investment we produced a Native iOS App that scans the users facial features and matches them with one of six predefined pictures within the app.

As a result the image within the app blends with the customers face, allowing him to select and experiment with the various ‘masks’.

The functionality was achieved by using face recognition (augmented reality) and superimposing a 3D rendered ‘mask’ on top of it, matching core facial features as eyes, nose and mouth so that the overlay can move along with the users movements and facial expressions.

Users of the app could save the image by way of a photo to the iPhone camera roll or share on Facebook, Twitter and Email

After ‘playing’ with the mask feature the app leads customers to a quick 12 question test which will reveal their investment type risk profile.

Phase 2 of the app included adding personalised news, content and offers associated to the customers investment type along with a detailed financial personality assessment which sends to the customers account manager to arrange a personalised financial review.

“I cannot recommend Juicy highly enough. They’ve never let down in the 10 years
I’ve worked with them… And no I’m not a shareholder or a family member!”

Lucius Peart, Account Director – Barclays Wealth

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